MySQL Enterprise Scalability

Only available in select Commercial Editions

Many of the world's most trafficked web properties like Facebook, Twitter, and rely on MySQL performance and scalability to serve millions of users and handle their exponential growth. MySQL Thread Pool provides added scalability benefits in MySQL Enterprise Edition.

MySQL Thread Pool

Only available in select Commercial Editions

To meet the sustained performance and scalability of ever increasing user, query and data loads MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the MySQL Thread Pool. The Thread Pool provides a highly scalable thread-handling model designed to reduce overhead in managing client connections and statement execution threads.

MySQL 8.0: Sysbench OLTP Read/Write

MySQL 8.0: Sysbench TPCC


Server: 2 Sockets, 48cores, 96 threads Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8268 CPU @ 2.90GHz

  • RAM: 192GB
  • Storage: NVMe Optane 2 x 375GB
  • OS: OL7.9 UEK6
  • MySQL: v8.0.31 OpenSSL-1.1.1

Client: 2 Sockets, 44cores, 88 threads Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699 v4 @ 2.20GHz

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